Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lavender lemonade

One of my favorite beverages is this lavender lemonade. It has only a few calories per glass (from the lemon juice) and has no artifical sweetners!

I picked fresh lavender buds from my best friend Nan's yard, organically grown, of course. Then, I made a simple syrup with Truvia granules and water. When it boiled I added the lavender buds and steeped for around seven minutes. I then strained out the buds and added the simple syrup to lemon juice (I hand squeezed them with a very efficient lemon/lime sqeezer from Williams-Sonoma). I added ice and filtered water to taste. To add a little flourish, I put some of the buds back in the pitcher.

Isn't it beautiful? Can you believe those purple buds make that luscious pink color? And I can't keep my eyes off those buds swirling around in the pitcher.
If you want to create a highly unique and spa/resort-type beverage, this is a sure winner.

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  1. Awesome looking and sounding drink. Thanks for sharing!